senior data analyst

Join a company focused on quality and efficiency, building Google Workspace tools used by millions

Paris, France
40K € to 75K € Yearly
Full Remote

The company

They are a remote first company of 40 people scattered across the globe. They are profitable and growing rapidly, which is to say: they’re hiring!

They build lightweight productivity and communication tools on top of Google Workspace that are trusted by more than 200,000 organizations worldwide and installed by more than 40 million users. Their software aims to help users automate and scale their everyday tasks, without needing to leave the things they know best: Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Forms.

Some tools they built:

  • A mail merge tool for Gmail. (10,000,000+ installs)
  • A document merge solution to automatically merge/generate PDF, Google Docs™, Sheets™, Slides™, Microsoft Word, Excel, etc (10,000,000+ installs)
  • A data connector to export data from applications such as Salesforce, Jira, Hubspot or Zendesk into Google Sheets™ and embed them in a website- no coding required. (10,000,000+ installs)

Job Description

Do you like having some creative freedom where your ideas can be easily discussed and implemented in a small and dynamic company? How about being able to have a high impact on products with millions of users? Do you like spreadsheets and SQL? You’ve knocked at the right door.
The company is looking for a highly motivated Senior Data Analyst to join their growing data team! The data team is currently 4 people (3 data analysts, 1 data eng) and is working with awesome technologies such as Google Bigquery and dbt.
You will work closely with the CEO and the Marketing and Engineering teams.

Core responsibilities

Write SQL queries, build spreadsheets, and create dashboards that explain all parts of the business (marketing, revenue and who are their users) and product usage (what the users do with their product and how) and will help drive business and design decisions.
Coordinate with the developers to help specify and maintain data dictionaries and logs, to ensure they are logging and storing correct data at the right time.

How the data team works

The data team is currently composed of 2 data analysts, 1 lead data analyst and 1 data engineer. This allows them to work on different and varied subjects depending on priorities, their preferences and skills.
Every Friday the team plans the main priorities for the following week, then they readjust on a daily basis if needed.
Communication is done through email, Google Docs, Slack and Google meet. They share their data findings directly with the CEO through a daily meeting and with the wider team through dashboards and presentations during the weekly meetings.
As a team they really enjoy sharing their progress and difficulties with each other. There is always someone who will be happy to help you! Every two weeks they also have a feedback session where they reflect on what was good and what they should improve as a team.

The Package

(can vary depending on the type of contract)

  • Salary
    • CDI: 40-75k€ annual gross salary (France) + bonus
    • Contractors: based on profile
  • 30 days of paid time off Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Paid parental leave
  • Full Remote

Wanted Profiles

  • Education: Degree in Mathematics, Probability and Statistics or Physics
  • Experience: 3+ years as a data or technical business analyst
  • Numbers and data: You’re good at making spreadsheets that are understandable, you know SQL. You are familiar with multiple probability distributions.
  • Language: French and English
  • Writing: you enjoy writing, you care about words and grammar, you are sharp and thorough
  • Project management: you are organized, able to manage multiple projects at the same time, and know how to report progress in a clear and interesting way
  • Tech: you are used to work with SQL and GCP

The perfect candidate:

  • Is really good with numbers - in both the accountant way (producing correct numbers with a correct process) and the physicist way (you have a real physical feel for numbers, and frame problems as equations)
  • Loves spreadsheets and SQL
  • Likes making nice visual representations of the data, whether ad hoc spreadsheet charts or real-time updating dashboards
  • Cares a lot about making data understandable and is great at explaining your thoughts
  • As a problem solver, asks is own questions and is excited about diving into unchartered datasets to explore them
  • Is not scared of messy legacy data sets


  • SQL**
  • Spreadsheet/Excel**
  • Google Cloud Plateform**
  • Google Big Query*
  • dbt*
  • **required
  • *good to have


  • France
  • Europe (a significant part of the team is in Eastern Europe)

Recruiting process

  1. Remotal's screening
  2. A few targeted questions to be answered by email to get acquainted with you in writing.
  3. If that goes well, you will receive a test.
  4. You’ll then move on to an interview with a some of their analysts.
  5. Finally, an interview with the CEO.

Companies we will not actively recruit from

  • Dataiku
  • Lumapps
  • Alma
  • Toucantoco
  • AODocs