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Meet handpicked Talent vetted by Engineers who know Tech jobs from the inside.

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Digital Recruitment Agency for:

  • Software Engineering

    Web developers, Architects, Data Engineers, Lead Developers

    Our team's experience in engineering management roles allows us to understand concretely how a candidate may or may not fit into your team

  • Product Management

    Product Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters

    Product management differs widely from one company to another. We'll get into the details of how you do it and find the right people to help you

  • Talent Acquisition

    Sourcers, Recruiters, HR Managers

    If you are looking for a dozen developers, it may be wise to start with making your Talent team stronger. We can help you find the right people.

  • Growth / Marketing

    Acquisition Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Growth Managers

    We have strong digital advertising expertise on the team, allowing us to pick exactly the right talents for you.

Find Talents across the World, or around the Corner

We believe in timezone-based distributed teams. But they're not for everyone. With extensive experience building global and local teams, we'll adapt to your situation and offer advice and options. Where do you currently stand on the Remote question ?

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Build a Global Team

  • You want the best, wherever they sit
  • You need them to start working yesterday

With so many potential candidates, we'll be horribly picky and find the absolute best fit for the job.

A dotted map of Europe and Africa

Expand into Emerging Markets

  • You want to achieve more with your budget - using the salary gaps to hire a larger team, or more experienced people.

With efficiency (not just price) as the priority, we'll find great people to build long-term, win-win collaborations with.

A dotted map of Europe and Africa

Consolidate your in-house team

  • You want your team to meet at the office every morning
  • You can afford to wait a few months

We'll talk with everyone in your target area and find your next bestie!

Healthy Collaboration Setups

Team member choice should be driven by fit, not legal or administrative intricacies. We offer a range of solutions to allow you to work with just about anyone, with



You want a Freelancer to join your Team for at least 6 months, with whom you will sign your own contract.

  • Candidates vetted through HR screening & Technical Interview
  • Access to European and African talent pool
  • Fees billed separately - no VAT on international freelancer bills
  • Fees billed upon reception of copy of Freelancer invoice
  • Hire within 6 weeks
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You want to hire a regular employee (Contract of Employment) on your own payroll

  • Candidates vetted through HR screening & Technical Interview
  • Access to European and African talent pool
  • 3-months Trial Period Guarantee : Free Replacement, or Refund
  • Fees payable upon first day of work of the hired candidate
  • Hire within 6 weeks
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Why work with us

Find the right people, fast, and waste no time along the way

  • Technical Expertise

    With senior engineering talent on the team, we are able to understand concretely what a position is about and introduce only candidates who can actually do the job.

  • Cultural Fit

    Based on your brief, but also the size and composition of your team, the maturity of your product, and your team values, we will find people you will love working with

  • International Network

    Over years of hiring international developers and tech people, we have met and stayed in touch with many great people. We love to be able to recommend someone we know.

  • Candidate Experience First

    Candidates love a fast and efficient process, so we'll make every effort to blend into yours and offer them the smoothest experience.

  • Transparency and Honesty

    We build longstanding relationships based on mutual trust. It starts with fully transparent prices and fee structures, and continues with honest feedback and advice.

  • Secure International Contracts

    To name just a few, Confidentiality, Intellectual Property and local Labour law compliance are important aspects of a healthy contracts. We got them all covered, and rely on very solid partners such as Deel to eliminate any risk.

Get Candidates

Plan a short kickoff meeting before we get started on your search.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions you might wonder about.

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How many candidates can I interview before making a final choice?

      As many as you need to! Though we are confident you will not need more than five.
      However, if you decline three in a row we will need a quick call to check alignment with your requirements.
    • How much time does it take to find and interview an appropriate candidate?

      3 to 4 weeks if you are available for interviews.
    • How long before I receive my first candidate?

      Up to 2 weeks.
    • When do I pay?

      For Freelancer, at the same time as you pay the freelancer. For employees, upon their first day of work. No-shows are obviously not billed.
    • What are my responsibilities?

      Candidates get job offers from everywhere, speed is key to secure a talent. You must be ready to meet candidates within 48h after introduction.
    • How long do I have to discard a recruit, if something goes wrong?

      For employees, up to 3 months, and you can terminate the contract according to local laws.
      For contractors, up to 2 months, and you can terminate the contract within 24h.

      And we will search for another candidate at no extra cost!
    • Is there any requirement for me to work with Remotal?

      • You must already have team members working remotely (Either fully or partially).
      • You must already have english speaking team member (If you want us to recruit in all of Europe and Africa).
    • Do you work with Ukrainians?

      Absolutely! Heart shaped ukrainian flag They are skilled and to the point!

      If you ask us to source candidates in Ukraine, we will apply a 20% discount to our fees (13%-18% 10.4%-14.4%).
      And, if you allow us, we will share your good deed on LinkedIn.

    • In which countries do you source candidates?

      Anywhere you are comfortable hiring people from, within the GMT +/-3 timezones. Most of our contacts are in France and Eastern Europe though.
    • Are you a remote company?

      Absolutely, we practice full remote since 2016. Our recruitment team is split in several countries!
      • Paris (France)
      • Bordeaux (France)
      • Kyiv (Ukraine)
      • Skopje (North Macedonia)
      • Vilnius (Lithuania)
      • and more!